The Secret to Getting Things Done in Your Video Business with Rachael Mueller

Season #1 Episode #291

Episode #291


Are you overwhelmed with all the things that have to get done in your business? Need more time to think big picture, set goals, and cast vision? Then you need to listen to today’s episode.

Rachael Mueller is a systems expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their businesses. She recently helped Ryan streamline his business systems and because she did such a great job he got her on the podcast to share some of her wisdom with you.

Key Takeaways 

  • Time auditing is a key way to identify where you can be more efficient
  • The best project management software to use is whichever one you’ll actually use 
  • Don’t think of projects as one big job break them down into smaller tasks
  • You need to give yourself space to come up with ideas and set the vision

About Rachael Mueller

Rachael Mueller is a real estate investor, turned Virtual COO + Systems Expert. When she’s not helping visionary entrepreneurs banish overwhelm, fuel their productivity, and streamline their businesses, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe or traveling the globe.

In This Episode 

  • Finding your specific niche [5:24]
  • The benefit of having an outsider look at your systems [8:33]
  • The importance of time auditing in your business [12:50]
  • Why you need to get your thoughts out of your head and what to do with them once they’re out [18:37]
  • You need to give your mind the freedom and the space to think and dream [30:06]
  • How to achieve those big overwhelming projects and stop putting them off [33:29]


"You don’t know what you don’t know right, and when you’re so used to what you’re doing and how you’re running things it can also be very easy to say well this is how we’ve done it, it works fine let’s just keep going because that’s comfortable it’s easier. When you actually take that step back and you have someone else come in, you switch things up, there’s a lot of potential to make things really work in a really powerful way for your business.” [12:14]

“The simplest fix no matter where you are in business, is get used to not keeping things in your head” [18:57]

“We actually get dopamine when we complete things on our to-do list and so that momentum continues to build and you actually will end up getting more done in a faster amount of time, versus just having that big thing sitting there looming over you and being paralyzed on how to actually accomplish it” [34:54]


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