Embrace The Mess To Find Your Greatest Success

Episode #101

Episode #101 with Jasmine Star


As business owners and creatives we often struggle to find our identity. It’s a messy process, full of ups and downs, successes and setbacks. Trust me though, the mess is a good thing. Embrace it! As you’ll hear today, perfection will just get in your way.

Today’s guest is someone you may have heard of. That’s because Jasmine Star has nearly 1 million social media followers. She’s crushing it helping businesses grow, especially on social media. Her passion and goal is in helping people like you and me build and monetize a fulfilling business that they can be proud of.

In this interview, we discuss what it means to truly show up in your business every day. Jasmine’s perspective on being present for your work is both illuminating and inspiring. We talk about the creativity that goes to those with discipline to create and stick to a repeatable process to manage workflow.

As is the case with most successful, Jasmine's journey has been its own roller-coaster ride. In this episode, she shares how the messy parts have led to unparalleled success in ways that were hard to predict at the time.

In This Episode

  • Building the confidence you need to become the professional you are meant to be
  • Why you need to start messy and embrace the mess in order to find success in your creativity
  • Being ready to jump on to the next big platform for engaging your audience
  • How making and keeping to a schedule can foster creativity, not hinder it
  • The future of Instagram TV and why you shouldn’t ignore it


"The only way the good ideas came is when you just had a litany of bad ones. And the confidence only comes after realizing that one or ten or literally thousands of failures won’t define you.” [13:54]

“I think as creatives, we are scared of feeling all the things, but that’s also when we produce our best work.” [15:50]

“If you want to not just survive but thrive, you must be showing people things they didn’t know they wanted or needed.” [25:38]

“Now that we have proof of how people want to engage and consume content, our only objective as smart creatives is to create content in a way that people want to see it, period.”  [32:04]


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