How Being Your True & Authentic Self Will Set You Apart

Episode #131

Episode #131 with Graham Cochrane


Are you ready to launch a business or service but are worried that you’re not good enough -- that you’re not really expert enough? What if I told you that the solution is just confidently to be yourself? Today’s guest has made authenticity his habit in all he does and the payoffs couldn’t be greater.

Graham Cochrane is one of the most talented and successful business owners that I know. He’s a business coach, a musician, and the founder of the Recording Revolution, one of the world’s largest and most loved online resources for audio recording and music production. Graham’s journey as an online entrepreneur began about ten years ago at the height of the recession. Thanks to his determination and resourcefulness, Graham was able to beat the odds and has become well-respected in the audio world. 

Graham gets real in explaining how he built his business from scratch while trying to make ends meet during the financial crisis. He talks about the importance of not waiting for everything to be perfect and just launching and getting started. Graham shares his wisdom on what to do if you’re feeling insecure about launching your business or a new service. Sure, there are going to be haters out there, but Graham tells us how to easily move past them.

This interview is jam-packed with great little nuggets of wisdom and advice that you can start applying to your business right away. Much of it comes down to setting the personal and professional goals that matter the most to you, not being afraid to start something new, and truly setting your sights on being a service to others. Graham tells us why you need to be true to yourself if you’re really going to stand out from the crowd.

In This Episode


  • Creating a strong online presence so that you can reach the most potential clients
  • Ignoring your insecurities to just get started
  • What happens to you and your business when you dedicate yourself to helping others
  • Defining success in the way that matters the most to you
  • The most valuable gift that you have to offer others and how it affects your bottom line
  • Helping other people by being your authentic self on social media and in real life
  • Where the true power of a good reputation lies


“It’s not about being the best or an expert. I don't really like that term. It’s more about can you help somebody.” [19:15]

“We’re in a celebrity culture. We obsess over celebrity, and that’s really selfish. And I’m calling myself out. If you’re really about helping people, then just help people.” [34:47]

“We want to know what other people are doing, or charging, or what their sites look like, or whatever, because we’re so freaking scared, so we just want to not stand out. Which is so backward, because guess what happens… you won’t stand out!”  [42:58]

“I have had the most joy and success in my professional life when I have stopped focusing on myself and started focusing on other people. I don’t do it perfectly all the time, but that’s when the magic happens.” [56:25]


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