210: Why You Need to Do Less to Get More Done in Your Business w/ Anthony Seratelli

Season #1 Episode #210

Although the best advice urges us to pick a niche and stick with it, that’s really hard to do. We’re creative people and entrepreneurs. We want to do all the things. It’s in our very nature. That’s why stepping back and taking a more hands-off approach can be a challenge. Today’s guest understands the struggle and has some great advice for any of you going through it.

Key Takeaways

Having a well-defined process for bringing in employees is essential. Have your workflow structures in place and refine them as needed. Give new hires a trial-run to see if they like what you’re doing. This will let you step back and hand over responsibility as smoothly as possible.

Getting work takes a lot more than making a great video. Your personality and the connections you make are just as, if not more, important. Cultivate being the person that others think of when they need video. Be the person who they can always deliver when called on and regularly work on maintaining those relationships.

About Anthony Seratelli

Anthony started Jersey Filmmaker while playing baseball, mixing his love for sports and storytelling to build a brand synonymous with innovation and creative excellence. With help from teammates, family, and friends, he co-starred in and produced one-of-a-kind content ranging from comedic sketches to short features to documenting historical moments in sports. Gaining experience in cinematography, editing, VFX composition, and sound design, he used his platform to develop a niche in filmmaking and a creative game plan that has taken him all over the world. 

Upon retiring from baseball, Anthony shifted his efforts to the other side of the camera and aligned a roster of all-star directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, and audio specialists to take on projects of every scale and genre. He now brings his vision and creativity to a larger audience and a variety of programming opportunities.

Being More Hands-off as Your Business Grows

As business owners, it’s only natural to become protective of all the aspects of our company. Anthony and I describe how we learned to let go and why it’s an essential part of growing your business. Many of us start these businesses because we want more freedom. Well, that’s something you can’t get if you have your hands in every aspect of it.

This is why it’s crucial to bring in more people as you grow. While this takes cultivating a lot of trust on your part, it’s necessary. Anthony highly recommends refining your workflow and using trial-runs to make onboarding as smooth as possible. 

Marketing by Personality

Also, the key to growing and maintaining your business is being reliable. Anthony and I discuss what it takes to be the person who others think of when they need a project. This goes way beyond the videos that you make. Rather, it is centered on consistency and just being likable and good to work with. Often, people will remember what it’s like to work with you as much, or maybe even more, than your videos themselves. Being humble, kind, and ready to serve is the best marketing you can do. It’s that which will bring you to the front of their mind when they need a project.

What is one thing in your business that you can change or improve this year? How would building a bigger team change what you do inside your business? Leave a comment on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • The importance of not doing all the things and how to not do them [4:00]
  • The most crucial step when hiring someone [12:35]
  • Overcoming the challenges of remote work [21:30]
  • Why building relationships result in the best ROI [28:30]
  • Tips and tricks for better package pricing [36:05]



“Getting your hands off of anything as you grow is really difficult ‘cause you ingrain yourself in it; you know every aspect of it. That’s what I love about that - that I know everything and it’s really hard to let it go and not know everything that’s going on. But it’s also really cool when you get the right people in place who you trust and want to work with.” [6:01]

“People can create what I’m creating with $100,000 worth of gear with an iPhone. It’s scary if you think of it that way but I’m not scared because at the same time we provide a service with not just the quality of the content but obviously our minds are creative. It’s something different that we bring to the table.” [31:45]

“I got into this because of a love of creating. But then I started building a business and I love that just as much. One of the things I didn’t realize would intrigue me so much or make me so happy and excited to be in the business world is building the team and paying people.” [47:59]



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