Grow Your Video Business

Grow Your Video Business

Hosted by: Ryan Koral

Grow your video business by increasing your profits and keeping your sanity all without losing your creativity! Learn how to create a system. Be inspired by filmmakers and creative professionals. Start elevating your...


Growing Your Video Business While Maintaining A Creative Culture with 31 Films

Season #1 Episode #13

Episode #13 Overview Ok, confession time. There was a time in my filmmaking and creative business journey where I almost let the business take over my life. I let the work that I was doing take over more and more of...
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Passive Income For Video Producers with Pat McGowan of BlackBox

Season #1 Episode #14

Episode #14 Overview Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past… well, ever… You’ve probably realized that our industry is going through some pretty major changes. A lot of these changes are scary to us as...
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Why Most Wedding Films Suck, And What To Do About It with Patrick Moreau of Muse Storytelling

Season #1 Episode #15

Episode #15 Overview “It takes more than pointing your camera at a human to really capture character in your video. While most wedding have a bunch of people, and often prominently feature a couple, they rarely have...
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Weddings, Corporate Films, and Education with Sherpa Co-Founders Matt Davis & Ryan Koral

Season #1 Episode #16

Episode #16 Overview A little over a year ago we (Matt and Ryan) launched this crazy idea we had, called Studio Sherpas. Since then, we’ve put out our Selling Like A Sherpa course (which we will be...
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How To Be Intentional About Your Film Career Choices with Evan Bourcier

Season #1 Episode #17

Episode #17 Overview *Spoiler Alert* You might notice while listening to this episode that today’s guest, Evan Bourcier uses a certain word again and again and again. That word? Intentional As...
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The Business Of Being Creative with Sean Low

Season #1 Episode #18

Episode #18 Overview I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re probably going about pricing your film services in the wrong way. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing it wrong as well, and so are...
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How To Succeed In A Small Market with Sarah and Rick Pendergraft of PenWeddings

Season #1 Episode #19

Episode #19 Overview It’s a challenge that wedding filmmakers and creative business owners the world over face and struggle with, every day. “When is it time to quit my job and go full-time on this? Is...
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How To Attract High-End & Celebrity Clients with Sasha Souza

Season #1 Episode #20

Episode #20 Overview When a lot of us start out in the wedding industry, whether it be as filmmakers, photographers, or coordinators, we have dreams of working with high-end luxury and celebrity clients. I know I did...
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How To Stay Fresh In An Fast Changing Industry w/ Jason Magbanua

Season #1 Episode #21

Find the original post at: Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. And one of the challenges that our ever increasing ages present to us in our industry is that it becomes harder...
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Summer Camps to Fortune 500: Taking Your Company To The Big Time w/ Brad Walker

Season #1 Episode #22

When most of us think about making a career shooting films, we’re only able to come up with a few routes to success. Sure there are the wedding and corporate/brand film industries, but they are often crowded markets...
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Do You Have A Sales Process? Here's Why You Need One w/ Matt Davis & Ryan Koral

Season #1 Episode #23

If you’re anything like me, when you first started your creative business, literally the last thing you wanted to be spending your time on was selling. For me, it was all about creating emotional films that moved...
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How To Streamline Your Revisions Process w/ Wipster

Season #1 Episode #24

Have you ever come across a tool that makes you business run so much more smoothly that you would gladly pay 5x the price for it and still feel like it’s a steal? Yeah, me too, and for me, Wipster is one of those...
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