Insights on Human-Centered Filmmaking: An Interview with Dan Tyre, Former HubSpot Employee and Angel Investor

Season #1 Episode #333

Episode #333


Today on the show with Dan Tyre, we talk about how infusing your business with a human centered outlook at every level can help you achieve exponential growth while maintaining healthy relationships. Dan is a rapid growth expert and has many tips from years of developing several massively successful startups.

We talk about some of the most important keys to growth such as niching, effective websites, human centered sales, and the “freemium” business model. This conversation is a much needed reminder to treat each other like humans and do our best to help others. When you strive for this, your business, and the world, will become a much better place!

Key Takeaways 

  • The best way to grow in 2023 is to have a very narrow niche.
  • Embrace the “freemium” model by using free stuff to hook potential clients, build trust, and create raving fans.
  • For serious growth, your customers are more important than your sales team.
  • Utilize your website to get a conversation started with potential clients, don’t try to sell to them immediately.

About Dan Tyre

Dan is a 14-year-veteran of HubSpot, hired as employee number six. While initially the first salesperson, Dan has since helped expand the sales team through management, recruiting, and training. He is also a frequent contributor to the HubSpot Sales Blog and coined the term "Schmarketing" to describe the necessary alignment between sales and marketing.

Outside of HubSpot, Dan leverages his 42 years of multidisciplinary business experience in sales, marketing, and service to help scale fast-growing companies and coach those that want to harness the power of Inbound Marketing to improve their bottom line. In April 2018, he published a book with Wiley Business Press with Todd Hockenberry called Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles, and he regularly shares his knowledge through guest appearances on podcasts and as a speaker at worldwide events.

In his local Arizona community, Dan puts pen to paper with his life motto of “always be helping” and spends time advising startups and mentoring executives and young people with ambitions with the Arizona Commerce Authority and Galvanize location in Phoenix. He also demonstrates his commitment to social responsibility with mentorship at Seed Spot.

Most proudly, Dan has been married to the beautiful, smart, and thoughtful Amy Tyre for 33 years, and they share two children, Eli and Sally, and a rescue pup named Stinson.

In This Episode

  • [00:00] Welcome to the show!
  • [02:28] Meet Dan Tyre
  • [04:17] Dan’s interesting career background
  • [22:55] Dan’s books
  • [25:55] Principles of an Allbound business
  • [30:12] The riches are in the niches
  • [34:29] The HubSpot Flywheel
  • [38:55] Inbound marketing for your website
  • [40:56] Using a CRM
  • [41:50] Free resources
  • [46:16] Connect with Dan
  • [46:52] Outro


 “Number 1 - treat people like human beings.” [26:07] - Dan Tyre

“You help before you sell.” [27:00] - Dan Tyre

“Never before has it been so easy for me to say, ‘here’s exactly, not just what we do, but who we do it for.’” [31:48] - Ryan Koral

“You can actually grow quicker in 2023 if you have a smaller focus, a niche focus.” [32:42] - Dan Tyre

“Your customers are more important for new business than your sales team.” [34:42] - Dan Tyre


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