How This Filmmaker Went from Charging $400 to $17000 without Ever Hitting Record with Jude Charles

Season #1 Episode #301

Episode #301


Today I talked with Jude Charles on the value of road mapping, or blueprints (as we call it at Studio Sherpas) and the win-win this method is for both you and your client. Jude walks through how he went from charging $400 for one of these road mapping sessions to a massive $17,000.

We also talk about how Jude combats imposter syndrome and gives himself the confidence to charge $17K by using his previous clients' feedback.

Key Takeaways 

  • Road mapping gives the client confidence in your work before you start
  • Road mapping also helps you see if the client is a good fit for you
  • Remind yourself of the value you have created for others
  • Put your mind to it and you can’t be stopped

About Jude Charles

For over 15 years, Jude Charles has been producing documentaries for entrepreneurs. He has produced stories for Google, Steve Harvey, and dozens of visionary CEOs.

Jude is the author of Dramatic Demonstration. This book is a roadmap that teaches you how to dig deep to find compelling stories that no one else knows, and then leverage those stories to grow your business.

Jude’s mission is to lead and empower entrepreneurs to have relentless, unwavering courage.

In This Episode 

  • How Jude’s high school teacher changed the course of his life [4:29]
  • Jude's business model of charging to roadmap a project first [10:04]
  • How Jude increased his rate from $400 to $17K [14:32]
  • It’s a win-win when you charge for road mapping or blueprints [18:54]
  • The Video Blueprint Method [27:32]
  • Jude’s new mission at the end of the year [29:09]
  • Courage in your business [34:38]
  • How Jude has the confidence to charge what he does [37:08]
  • You can’t be stopped [42:59]
  • Where you can find Jude online [47:02]


“Your clients aren’t paying you to do video production. They’re paying you to lead them through the process.” [25:16]

“For those of you who are probably thinking, “Should I really be charging for a plan of some sort?” it's also important for you to interview the client. They may not be the right fit for your business.” [25:43]

“You can operate out of a place of fear or a place of courage. The reason I’ve gotten to $17,000 for road mapping or 6 figures for a project is constantly stepping into courage even when I don’t believe.” [36:56]

“People like to ask, “What if it fails?” What if it doesn’t? Instead of, “What’s the worst that could happen?” What’s the best that could happen? [39:59]


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