How to Hire the Right Team with Cassie Daniels

Season #1 Episode #285

Episode #285


Look…we all know that building a team is difficult. It’s time-consuming, mistakes are easy to make, and when you do make them they tend to be expensive. This week on the Grow Your Video Business Podcast we deep dive into the team-building process with our guest Cassie Daniels. 

Key Takeaways 

  • There are several different strategies for hiring that are budget-friendly.
  • If you are strategic you can test the waters without spending a ton of money.
  • Podcasts can be used to connect with your clients.

About Cassie Daniels

Cassie is owner of Brisbane based video production company Builds by Captive Media. Their mission is to help construction industry businesses to build trust and be remembered by improving the quality of their content. Captive Media is also a huge fan of doing good and a proud member of 1% for the planet donating 1% of gross revenue to environmental not for profits. Cass built the business after leaving her job of over a decade in corporate management and pursuing her goals of building a successful business in the creative industry.

In This Episode 

  • Meet Cassie Daniels [04:03] 
  • How did Cassie start her business? [05:32] 
  • Where is she in her business right now? [09:50] 
  • Cassie's business process? [14:20] 
  • Breaking down Cassie's strategy sessions [18:48] 
  • All about Cassie's giveback program [26:52] 
  • How did Cassie build her production team? [32:19] 
  • Cassie's hiring process [41:10] 
  • What's next for Cassie Daniels? [48:16] 
  • How to listen to Cassie's podcast [53:11] 
  • How to get in touch with Cassie [56:34] 


[15:39 - 15:46] "We're gonna create and try and squeeze as much content out of each shoot on site as possible." 

[21:48 - 22:06] "I love like client relationships and it's so much more fulfilling to me this year, having these long-term partnerships. And honestly like working with clients are so much bigger than I ever imagined that I would be working with at this point."

[34:49 - 35:03] "You cannot outsource if you don't have a process for something. So it's super important and it, really, really pushes you into getting clear on that stuff. And that's only gonna help you in the long run."


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