How A Gear Nut Became A Minimalist w/ Kraig Adams

Season #1 Episode #3

Episode #3


As filmmakers, gear is an essential part of what we do, and while there’s no denying that fact, it’s important to remember that gear isn’t everything. Kraig Adams, a certified gear nut, joins us today and shares how he’s adopting a minimalist mentality when it comes to gear, and the benefits that the switch is having on his workflow.

Kraig is a 25 year old, Brooklyn based filmmaker who, in addition to filming weddings himself, runs the website and Youtube channel Wedding Film School, where he offers tutorials, gear reviews, and teaches wedding filmmaking to others.

Kraig shares how he quickly gained a high end client base, his current minimalist gear setup, and how he got arrested for flying his drone in the city!

In this Episode

  • How to fast track your way to finding clients in your local wedding film industry
  • Some of the common mistakes Kraig sees beginner filmmakers making
  • The challenges presented by filming in a major center like New York, and how Kraig has adapted his – workflow to suit them
  • Some important indicators that you should be tweaking your price structure
  • The importance of saying “No”


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