Why Being Unique Will Lead to More Success with Trevor Rappleye

Season #1 Episode #224

Episode #224


There are countless ways to create a successful video business. Often it comes to thinking outside the box. Today’s guest created a phenomenal business model by taking a unique approach to subscription services. In this episode, he’ll tell you how he did it and what to look for in your business to set it apart.

Key Takeaways

  • To create authentic and interesting testimonial videos, ditch the script and ask unexpected questions. This will lead to authentic answers and compelling videos.
  • Don’t charge your clients extra fees for extra services. Build those into your budget from the start. Keeping your rates simple leads to more satisfied clients.

About Trevor Rappleye

Trevor Rappleye started his first business at age 13 and started filming weddings at age 15. Today, he is the CEO of CorporateFilming & FranchiseFilming where he creates monthly videos on their VIP Subscription model for their clients. He has worked with clients such as CVS, Home Depot, Neighborly, and more.

A Different Kind of Subscription Service

Trevor goes about making corporate videos a little differently. Instead of doing one-offs, he creates monthly videos. Trevor describes how this leads to more repeat business and satisfied clients. This subscription model actually creates less work overall because it lets Trevor and his team use more of the footage that they take. 

Mostly, Trevor focuses on testimonial videos. To make these interesting and authentic, Trevor and his team never use a script or give the customer the questions in advance. This creates a genuine response that translates perfectly to video.

Ditch Those Extra Fees

Trevor also never charges fees for extras. In an effort to make his costs as simple, predictable, and transparent as possible, everything is included in the package price. He recommends simply raising your overall price to cover extra costs. That way the customer will know from the start what they’re going to pay. This will even lead to more satisfaction when they see how much they actually get for the flat fee that they pay.

In This Episode 

  • How Trevor’s subscription model creates less work and more satisfied clients [4:40]
  • Making testimonial videos that come across as authentic and genuine [9:34]
  • Creating a range of pricing models [12:10]
  • Why charging fees for extras is not the best practice [16:30]
  • How much flexibility to build into contracts to create repeat clients [23:10]
  • Making quality videos quickly [27:40]


 “I’ve found that clients and businesses want the most is social proof that their business actually works. What is better to do that than having a customer talk about that.” [9:03]

“If you have a product but no one knows it exists, you actually have nothing.” [16:05]

“No one cares that the shipping of the hard drive is going to cost you $8. Just include it in the dang amount. Raise your price today by one hundred bucks and never charge anyone another extra fee.” [17:58]

“People come back based on how you make them feel, not on what you created, not on what your final price point was.” [21:21]


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