Why You Should Build a Business That Could Succeed Without You with Samson Jagoras

Season #1 Episode #227

Episode #227


Do you love making videos but can’t because you spend all your time running your business? As a small business owner, it is too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your company and lose sight of the bigger picture. Today, we’re discussing how to get back on track.

Key Takeaways

  • Delegation is key to creating a sustainable business. As soon as you start your company, create processes to allow you to delegate work so that your day-to-day operations could continue even without you there.
  • Clients are going to work with people they connect with. This means that you need to regularly put out content that showcases who you are.

About Samson Jagoras

Samson is the President of Growth Vue Properties and helps successful people passively invest in large commercial apartment complexes across the United States. He is also a commercial real estate broker and the VP of strategic investments for RE/MaX commercial alliance.

Over his 12-plus year career in business, executive leadership, and entrepreneurship, he has served as a professional futures and commodities broker, actively invested in real estate, and acted as the Chief Strategy Officer for Madwire (an INC 500 marketing and technology company located in Fort Collins, Colorado) where he aided in taking Madwire's revenue from $7 million to over $100 million and 35 employees to 600 employees in 10 years.

You Don’t Need To Do It All

No matter what your small business is, you likely spend too much time not doing the parts that bring you joy. Samson urges you to refocus by delegating the work that you don’t need to or want to do. By splitting up the tasks in your business by outsourcing you ensure that your energy is best put to use. It’s never too early to do this. From the very start, begin creating processes that let you hand off certain work to somebody else.

Reputation Is Everything

So much of a small business’s success relies on its reputation. This is something that you can control, but you have to be intentional about it. Ask satisfied customers to write reviews. Also, put out content that promotes you as a person. Video is a great medium for this. Samson wants video business owners to get in front of the camera and put out consistent content promoting what they do. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just has to communicate who you are. By getting into the minds of potential clients, they will naturally think of you when they want your services.

In This Episode 

  • Why entrepreneurs often lose track of their goals [6:15]
  • Why you should be delegating early and often [9:00]
  • What to consider when hiring someone to handle your sales [16:25]
  • The importance of personal branding and controlling your reputation [23:38]
  • What happens when you think horizontally about your income [37:30]


"I think that it’s really easy to get into business and end up creating a glorified job for yourself. If you wanted to just work a job 40 hours a week, go work for somebody else.” [9:39]

“You know how I get 200 hours of work done a week? I leverage other people’s time. It’s not just my time.” [21:36]

“You need to control the narrative and you need to be making sure that when people look you up that they can quickly understand who you are, what you do, and why the heck that matters. You ultimately can control your reputation because that’s all you really have in this digital age.” [25:07]

“At the end of the day, your money is just a tool. So you don’t really become wealthy until you start thinking about how to put your money to work for you.” [38:17]


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