Why Video Is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool with Tyler Lessard

Season #1 Episode #263

Episode #263


This week on the Grow Your Business Podcast, Tyler Lessard joins Ryan to share their common love for marketing and how positioning yourself correctly can help you grow your sales in your business. This episode is a must for any business owner that wants to grow their business and pitch better ideas to clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the true potential of video production allows you to increase your sales without spending too much money.  
  • Video production is just another way of delivering your business message to your client. 
  • There are hidden video production skills that can be used to grow your business.

About Tyler Lessard 

Tyler is the VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, co-author of The Visual Sale,  host of the annual Video-in-Business Awards, and frequent content producer for all things video in marketing and  sales.

In this Episode

  • Inspiration for Tyler’s book [04:45]
  • The public reaction to Tyler’s book [07:01]
  • The impact of video in business [13:23]
  • Where and how video can be used on businesses [21:51]
  • How to immediately impact sales and closing rates with only 6 videos [24:39]
  • The 100 new clients video you should make [32:03]
  • Where to get inspiration for your business videos [40:25]
  • How StreamYard works [43:11]
  • How to get in touch with Tyler [50:03]


“All of those different communications that we do are micro stories that we can bring to life in better ways through video."

“We are creating a culture of video within businesses and once that culture gets established where people get excited across the business to be doing more videos opposed to being afraid because it's going to be a big, crazy, frightening thing, that’s when things really change."

“We need to push our client to think about those ideas like, is not the video idea you want to do next, its where are you facing the biggest challenges in your marketing and sales process."

“One of videos greatest superpowers is its ability to educate people."


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