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The Video Blueprint Method

Want to get paid for pre-production?

Tired of building pitches and coming up with creative BEFORE a client even books you? 

✅ Charge for your creative ideas
✅ Create better films
✅ Give your clients a better experience
✅ Make more money with each of your projects

This method will teach you how to sell a paid workshop. This is the same workshop we charge our clients $2500 for.

What's included with the purchase of this course:

  • Step by step process for selling these workshops to your clients
  • Understanding how we price and pitch these so you can seamlessly integrate paid workshops into your sales process - without overwhelm
  • Watch our client workshop so you can see just how easy it is to lead your clients through your creative process to help them achieve their goals
  • Hear our own sales calls where we pitch the Blueprint workshop to our own clients (mp3 format)
  • Download our Video Blueprints so you can see what we're actually delivering to our clients (pdfs)
  • BONUS: $100k Sample Pitch Document

What People Are Saying:

The workshop makes you more confident to present these big budget projects. It is 100% worth it. If you're wondering when things will start happening, this is something you can do to make things happen for yourself. It's not a magic potion, you do have to put some work, but Ryan gives the entire formula right there for the taking.

Mike Myers

But yo Ryan, just wanted to personally thank you… wanted to share that I’ve closed a $65k project and more recently closing in on what could potentially be my first $100k project. The blueprint workshop is the truth.

DJ Bonoan

We have secured $74k in the first two months of next year. Well worth the course price!

Wes Wages

I would totally recommend it to others. It's eye opening to see the bigger picture for each project rather than trying to get a "yes" as fast as you can – only to lose money b/c you didn't know what all was going into the project entirely. If listening is one of the best skillsets we possess as storytellers, than this is the catch-all tool for developing and perfecting that skillset entirely.

Alexander Hollis Widmer

I highly recommend these courses to anyone looking for real, practical advice to scale their video/film business.

Michael O'Sullivan